Tuition, Fees and Payments

2019-20 Tuition and Fees

Catholic (Baptismal Certificate)

  • 1 child: $465 per month (total $4650)
  • 2 children: $755 per month (total $7550)
  • 3 children: $945 per month (total $9450)
  • 4 children: $1105 per month (total $11,050) 
  • 5 children: $1200 per month ($12,000)


  • 1 child: $535 per month (total $5350)
  • 2 children: $840 per month (total $8400)
  • 3 children: $1040 per month (total $10,400)
  • 4 children: $1230 per month (total $12,300)
  • 5 children: $1325 per month (total $13,250)


  • $200 annual activity fee for each student in grades Kindergarten through Eighth
  • $85 annual snack/activity fee for each student in the 3- and 4-year-old programs
  • ​$300 annual fund raising fee per family

Payment Schedule and Details

Tuition Payment Due Dates for 2019-2020:

  • Tuition Payment No. 1 – July 10 
  • Tuition Payment No. 2 – September 11 
  • Tuition Payment No. 3 – October 9 
  • Tuition Payment No. 4 – November 13 
  • Tuition Payment No. 5 – December 11
  • Tuition Payment No. 6 – January 8
  • Tuition Payment No. 7 – February 12
  • Tuition Payment No. 8 – March 11
  • Tuition Payment No. 9 – April 8
  • Tuition Payment No. 10 – May 13

The first payment for 2019-2020 tuition was due in July. This payment was for tuition only. If this first payment was not made by Thursday, July 27th, a $25 late fee was imposed.

A 5% discount was available for anyone who paid tuition in full before July 27th. Please note for future years: This type of payment must be made by bank check or money order only. No cash or personal checks will be accepted for a full tuition payment. The discount only applies to the tuition amount.

The $200 Activity Fee for each child in Grades K-8, $85 Snack/Activity Fee for each child in Pre-K and Nursery classes only, and $300 Fund Raising Fee per family is due August 19th. At the close of business on Thursday, August 29th, a second late fee will be added to any unpaid balances on the July tuition. A first late fee will be added on each unpaid balance for Books, Snack and Fund Raising.

Additional late fees will be added on any outstanding balances on all fees on the last Tuesday after Labor Day. No child will be able to begin class on the Wednesday (K-8) after Labor Day if there are any outstanding balances for the July and August payments. Prekindergarten (4 year olds) will begin the Thursday after Labor Day. Nursery (3 year olds) will begin the Friday after Labor Day.

After the July payment, all tuition is due on the second Wednesday of each month. As before, a late fee of $25 will be added on any unpaid balances each Monday after the due date at 3pm. Up to four late fees per due date (total $100) will be added until the balance is paid in full. From September through May, all tuition payments must be sent in through the child’s St. Rose folder. No payments are accepted at the office.

As per Diocesan policy, a check, money order or bank checks are the means to pay. Remember that there is a $35 bounced check fee. Any bounced checks must be paid in money order or bank check. If you bounce two checks from the same account, then no personal checks can be accepted from that account.

Fund Raising, Books (K-8), Snack (PreK & Nursery only): Due August 19th.

Fund Raising Fee: Each family will receive one box of candy in the Fall. This box has been paid for by your Fund Raising Fee. If you sell that box of candy, that money is yours. ($60).

Non Volunteer Fee: Parents are asked to volunteer for at least one fund raising event that is held during the course of the school year. Any family who does not volunteer and help for one portion of one event will be charged $100 after the art show in June. It is a matter of justice to all families that each one helps with our events.