Registration / Tuition

The following items are needed for registration:

  1. Original birth certificate
  2. A record of immunizations
  3. A Baptismal certificate if the child is a baptized Roman Catholic
  4. Any child entering grades 1 through 8: a copy of the last report card and the
    June report card when received
  5. Any child entering during the school year must submit a note from the present school principal or guidance counselor stating that the child is leaving in good standing socially and, what, if any, academic needs there may be.
  6. For any child entering from another Catholic school, please note that we will be in touch with the previous school to verify that all financial obligations have been met.
  7. $150 registration fee. This fee holds the child’s place until the first payment is due the week in July.
  8. Completed registration form / Online application form. If you use either the downloaded version of our registration form or the online application form above, please be advised you must still contact the school for a complete registration packet and to complete all of the above steps in the registration process.
  9. Completed student information form and religious instruction form.

                                                                               TUITION FOR 2018-2019
Catholic (Baptismal Certificate)
1 child $452.50 per month (total $4525)
2 children $730 per month (total $7300)
3 children $907.50 per month (total $9075)
4 children $1055 per month (total $10550) 

5 children $1177.50per month ($11,775)

1 child $522.50 per month (total $5225)
2 children $815 per month (total $8150)
3 children $1002.50 per month (total $10025)
4 children $1180 per month(total $11800)

$200 annual activity fee for each student in grades Kindergarten through Eighth
$85 annual snack/activity fee for each student in the 3 and 4 years old programs
​$300 annual fund raising fee per family

Financial Assistance is available through – Applications are being accepted as of January 16,2018 for the school year 2018-2019.  Information can also be obtained by FACTS 866-441-4637 or