A Letter From Our Principal

I started my career in the ministry of Catholic education in 1971. In all of the schools I taught, and now as principal of St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy in Rockaway, the “call” was, and still is, to share my faith with all that I meet and to show others just who Jesus is.

What is Catholic education? It is the opportunity to be taught the unconditional respect, acceptance and love that Jesus gives freely and to feel it from His followers–those who work in Catholic schools. It is the opportunity to learn how to know, love and serve God by knowing, loving and serving all people. It is the opportunity to learn to achieve to the best of one’s ability, receiving the compassion and support so needed to overcome the obstacles that make learning difficult at times. It is the opportunity to learn that Jesus is your true friend who never leaves you and loves you no matter what. It is the opportunity to learn that Jesus is present in the Eucharist, and it is the best gift that anyone can be given.

As an educator, it is the opportunity to receive a letter from a parent stating her gratitude that “her son was accepted and respected at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy for who he is, and how his self esteem and confidence grew. That he learned to respect other children, no matter what color, shape or background.” It is the satisfaction that we can accept all children and help each one succeed to his/her potential. It is the pride to see children excel in their studies and move into high school feeling confident.

Catholic education is a ministry of the Church. Come and see what we have to give to you and your children.

Respectfully submitted, Theresa Andersen