Our Mission, Vision and Philosophy


Christ is the reason for our academy. He is the ever-present source of our existence.  All that we say and do is based on how Jesus spoke and lived His life. We strive to live and impart only the Gospel values. Our children are of many cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds and work together harmoniously. The children learn to respect the basic human dignity of all people and to integrate truth and Gospel values into their daily lives. We are proud to reflect the community that we serve.



St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy will empower its students to be directors of their own learning, with the teacher serving as the guide along each child’s academic and spiritual journey. We will continue to move forward, in this technology age, and provide our students with a current and meaningful education. We will provide the services needed for all children to succeed.

 Our Christ- centered environment, love of education and determination will provide the ground work to achieve our goals. We will be known community wide for being a beacon of light to all who enter our doors.



Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Academy seeks to provide a quality Catholic education for all of our children. We educate the whole child through programs encompassing the spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological, and physical development of our students. Through our religious education program, we strive to develop a well-rounded Christian personality that will be reflected by respect toward self and others as exemplified by Jesus in the Gospels. Worship builds and celebrates the relationship between God and our community of God’s people. It is our goal to enrich the spiritual lives of our students.

We teach love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self, and we strive to encourage a respect for life and a love of learning. The children are taught to respect the rights of others. Each of us is created in the image and likeness of God. For this reason, we respect one another. Teachers strive to create an environment in which students are challenged through their learning experiences. By fostering a positive self-image in our students, the school helps develop their confidence in their ability to succeed. We strongly believe that as a faculty, we have a caring, nurturing and supportive community. The relationship between the student body and the faculty is an essential aspect of life experience. In order for the education to take place, it is necessary to create a secure learning environment. To ensure this, we follow the guidelines and standards put forth by the Office of Catholic Schools Support Services of the Diocese of Brooklyn, and those mandated by the State of New York.