Ms. Colberg


My role as a middle school teacher is to be a facilitator of learning, rather than a dispenser of knowledge.  Education begins with the student and students should be encouraged to be imaginative and resourceful in solving problems.  It is important for children to not only learn to solve their own problems, but to also develop a view that they can and should be involved in solving the problems of society as productive citizens.

A teacher should promote growth and achievement by providing information, demonstrating and modeling desired behaviors, and facilitating student achievement.  A teacher should be sincere, positive, and supportive.  More importantly, teachers need to listen to what their students are saying and let them know that their thoughts and contributions to the class are valued.  

The classroom is a place where students are not simply preparing for life, but are living it.  Classrooms should be places where students are caught up in interesting activities.  Students learn most effectively by doing and experiencing events, and then reflecting and finding meaning in what they have experienced.