Giving Tuesday Fundraiser

Catholics have a rich history in the world of technology. The first American to receive a PhD in Computer Science was a Catholic nun by the name Sr. Mary Kenneth Keller. It is in her spirit  we here at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy are constantly working to ensure our students have the best available to them. 

There is no denying that in the 21st century we must prepare children and adolescents to be computer literate. In the last year we have made the step forward by ensuring we are one to one for iPads to students. This year we are still improving and working to always have the latest apps and have an increase of technology integration in our lessons.

 This Giving Tuesday to December 10th  we are looking to fundraise for new interactive screens in each classroom. Our goal is small right now, starting off with $10,000 to replace our oldest SMARTboards. Interactive boards, such as the SMARTboards we have, will allow us to further model to our students how to work with the Google Apps, integrate interactive whole class lessons, ensure notes are visible even to those far in the back, and use our own interactive textbooks online as we teach. The only way this will be accomplished is if we have our community’s support. From parents to alumni, we must work together to ensure our school continues to serve our students the very best it can and continue the tradition of Catholic Education and its role in the advancement of technology. 

Please give to our cause  this Thanksgiving and Advent Season by donating to our Giving Tuesday Cause! Share with your loved ones our cause by sharing our cause across your social media! Thank you in advance for your generosity and God bless you this season!


Virtual Back to School Night for Grades 5 – 8

This week is Back to School Night through Zoom! Teachers will send invites out to all families. Please join us and get to know your student’s teachers for the 2021-2022 school year!

Virtual Back to School Night PreK to 4th Grade

This week is Back to School Night through Zoom! Teachers will send invites out to all families. Please join us and get to know your student’s teacher for the 2021-2022 school year!

Back to school night

A Prayer of Remembrance

God of compassion and mercy, we pray for all those who lost their lives on 9/11, and for those whose lives have been changed by violence in this world.

First Lunch Since March 2020!

Our students are having lunch in the auditorium for the first time since March 2020! They are 6 feet apart and observing all safety protocols. It’s going to be a good year.

Ms. Casalaspro

My role as a middle school teacher is to try to understand the student’s point of view before attempting to give them my own. I hope that by listening to understanding student’s in this way, I can

inspire the confidence needed to help them succeed. 

Effective study habits are a very important part of the learning process.  Teaching and practicing highly effective study habits not only encourage intrinsic motivation but also affect learner confidence. I believe that by fostering independent and effective study habits students have found the key to success.

As a middle school teacher, I am committed to giving students the tools they need to see their own value, analyze situations, and effectively solve problems. I believe that when both the teacher and students understand each other’s goals and points of view, the building blocks of mutual respect are developed.

Rainbow Day

Today we celebrated Rainbow Day🌈 Aren’t they adorable?🥰 It’s so important for children to understand the importance of academics, rules and policies, but also know that learning can take place in a fun and happy place.