Ms. Casalaspro

My role as a middle school teacher is to try to understand the student’s point of view before attempting to give them my own. I hope that by listening to understanding student’s in this way, I can

inspire the confidence needed to help them succeed. 

Effective study habits are a very important part of the learning process.  Teaching and practicing highly effective study habits not only encourage intrinsic motivation but also affect learner confidence. I believe that by fostering independent and effective study habits students have found the key to success.

As a middle school teacher, I am committed to giving students the tools they need to see their own value, analyze situations, and effectively solve problems. I believe that when both the teacher and students understand each other’s goals and points of view, the building blocks of mutual respect are developed.

Rainbow Day

Today we celebrated Rainbow Day🌈 Aren’t they adorable?🥰 It’s so important for children to understand the importance of academics, rules and policies, but also know that learning can take place in a fun and happy place.

Career Day!

To kick off Catholic Schools Week, we dressed up as what we inspire to be when we grow up! We also learned about many different jobs!

Congratulations Jaiden!

Congratulations to Jaiden Miguel Figueroa from grade 1!!! Jaiden entered and won the Tablet’s Keep Christ in Christmas Art Contest. We are very proud of Jaiden!